Healthy Diet Recipes

Healthy Diet Recipes

Here you will find many easy and delicious healthy diet recipes and ideas for your healthy living and natural weight loss.

They will nicely complement your fat loss diet if you are trying to lose weight or simply help you maintain healthy lifestyle.

Traditionally we value hearty and flavorful foods that usually require much effort and time to prepare and serve.

True food critics will always give more points to sophisticated eggs Benedict, than to simple hard boiled eggs.

Healthy Diet Recipes Benefits

In recent years however, many people begin realizing that goods eats are not always fancy. Furthermore, healthy recipes are generally easy to prepare and do not call for too many cooking skills.

What makes a recipe healthy?

Before you begin new healthy nutrition journey, you have to understand what makes your food healthy?

Luckily there are some guidelines that will help you distinguish between foods.

Healthy Diet Recipes Guide

Healthy Diet Recipes Guide

First of all there is a healthy food pyramid that divides most of what we eat into six main food groups. Those are:

  • fats (oils),
  • proteins (meats and beans),
  • dairy products (milk),
  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • starches (grains).
healthy recipe guide

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All of these food groups are absolutely necessary for your body.

The first group sits on top of the pyramid. It is the smallest food group, meaning that you consume the least from that group.

The biggest share of daily food goes to the last group that sits at the base of the pyramid.

Secondly, every healthy diet recipe calls for minimally processed foods. Fresh meats, fruits vegetables, eggs are preferred to fast prep meals, canned foods, cakes, pastry etc.

Last but not least – quality of food is also very important. Whenever you can, choose farm fresh and organic foods. Luckily organic market grows larger every day and now we may buy organic foods at any local supermarket.

Why choose organic?

We all know that organic is better, but how many of us really know what does organic mean?

Generally organic foods are more expensive, but that is just the secondary reason of why it is better.

Organic foods have to meat certain standards.

Under organic production the use of synthetic chemicals, non-organic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is greatly restricted.

Produce cannot be genetically modified. Livestock must be reared without the use of antibiotics and gorowth hormones.

Even the soil for organic production have to meat the same standards.

So generally those are pretty strict requirements and it is absolutely worth paying extra $ for healthy foods that will nourish your body istead of distroing it.

Tip: Try looking for a local farmer market where you can finds organically grown vegetables, fruits , meats and eggs fresh and for affordable price.

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Healthy Recipes:

Imitation Crab Meat Salad

'I love salads, I think they are perfect for maintaining your ideal weight and this is one of my favorites'

Light Fettuccine Alfredo

This light fettuccine alfredo is so delicious and easy to prepare - it will blow you away!

Healthy Nori Rolls

Very yummy recipe and easy to prepare.

Fresh Strawberries Smoothie

Prepare this delicious smoothie whenever you need a quick and refreshing snack.

Fresh Strawberries and Asparagus Salad

This salad is great for lunch or dinner and it takes minutes to prepare.

Strawberry Pancakes

Easy and delicious recipe that is great for kids and adults.

Strawberry Salad with Trout

This is a simple yet very tasty recipe that is perfect for a healthy romantic dinner.

Strawberry Mélange

Unforgettably delicious and very easy to prepare refreshing summer dessert.

Thick lentil soup

Great hearty soup that is so easy to prepare. Perfect for lunch or appetizer.

Lentil pancakes with cottage cheese sauce

Unusual, yet very yummy and easy recipe that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Omelet with lentil puree

Really easy and original recipe, ideal for sunday breakfast.

Lentil quenelle

If you want to surprise your friends with healthy and original meal, this recipe is just what you need!

Have A Favorite Healthy Recipe?

If you have love cooking and know a healthy and delicious recipe we would love to have it in our Healthy Diet Recipe Collection!

Featured Healthy Diet Recipes

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Vegan Carrot Cake:  
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