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My diet motivation tips will help you stay on your weight loss diet to the end.

If you tried a strict long-term diet before, you probably know that after a certain period of time there comes a moment when all you want is to just drop everything and forget about dieting for the rest of your life.

You wake up one morning and realize that you have been dreaming about delicious juicy cheeseburgers all night long and that you will die if you have to eat another plate of steamed broccoli ever again.

Exhaustion from new ‘healthy way of living’ may also happen at the gym when you put your work out clothes on and suddenly feel that you will faint the moment you step on the treadmill.

It is true that diet and exercise require a lot of strength, sacrifice and dedication. Sometimes instead of feeling great it can make you feel weak and hesitant. You begin to wonder whether it is worth to continue improving yourself on the expense of restricting yourself from a lot of things that make you happy.

If you lost your diet motivation and are experiencing one of those 'weak' moment you should know that there is a way to get your will power and determination back.

I am not going to discuss psychology behind diet motivation here because it is another big topic. However I would like to share my tips on how to resolve low calorie diet issues, particularly the one concerning ‘under eating’.

Empty Stomach Fantasy

Majority of most effective weight loss diets assume relatively limited variety of products and usually exclude something out of your daily food intake. The result is a deficiency of some nutrients and excess of the others.

It is not a surprise that after some time your body turns its protective reflexes on and begins resisting the diet. Usually it appears in a form of rejection of the food that formulates your diet’s base. In other words you start hating your diet and everything it tells you to eat.

However it is wrong and very frustrating to get off the diet especially when you are half way through or very close to the end. So here is how you may try dealing with this issue and get your diet motivation back.

Switch to Another Diet

This is the most logical and easy way to re-establish your diet motivation. By switching to another diet you will provide yourself with all necessary nutrients that you were missing.

If you were on the Atkins diet for a long time you probably are dreaming about Italian garlic bread or fresh fruit salad. To fix that simply switch to vegetarian diet for a while. You digestive tract will thank you for giving him a break from meat and other heavy protein food.

Nowadays you have so many different choices when it comes to losing weight that you will never have a hard time finding a new diet.

Just make sure when you do a switch you choose something almost entirely different from you current diet to maximize nutritional gain. Otherwise it will be hard to trick your body for too long.


There is one warning to the diet switch. While your body will be enjoying light and easy vegetarian diet after a long time of meat, cheese and milk it may not like the opposite switch.

The least what may happen if you try going from easy-to-digest fruits and veggies to animal protein is you will get constipated. Therefore dietitians suggest making a gradual switch by slowly introducing new products and decreasing the amount of the old ones.

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