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Are you one of those people who are on a weight loss diet or have been once trying to lose weight on your own with one of those fat loss diet plans? Or perhaps, you know someone among your friends or family members, who is trying to get rid of extra pounds but with no luck?

Excess weight affects so many people and so many different areas of our life.

Our self-confidence, our mood, our professional success and our relationships are just a few of the aspects that are influenced by the way we feel about our physical appearance.

I will probably be right stating that for many of us our body shape is a center point of our life.

My Weight Loss Story

I myself have been struggling to lose weight for many years. I use the word struggle, because as you probably know losing weight is no fun. It usually is associated with a major work-out, and starvation – constant, obsessive hunger feeling. And unfortunately it is a very slow process.

I have followed many weight loss tips and it took me many, many years to finally get to the point where I am completely satisfied with my body. Ten years ago I could not even imagine how great it felt to be fit and healthy.

Before, I frequently felt weak, and got tired very easily. I thought of myself as a lazy person, because I often could not wait to get to my couch and take a nap or rest. I did not have enough energy, and on top of all this I felt extremely unhappy about the way I looked.

It took me ten long years and a lot of trials and errors to establish an ultimate healthy weight loss tips strategy. (It took me less than a year though to lose 85+ pounds after 9 years of learning about healthy nutrition, dieting and lifestyle.) And my success was not just an accident or fortunate coincidence – but a well thought through healthy weight loss tips plan, that I carried out.

My Healthy Weight Loss Tips

I will of course share my weight loss tips with you and hope that it will help you achieve same great results.

But please, do not forget that losing a lot of weight is a big stress to your system and you should be very careful not to damage your health.

Educate Yourself First

I know many other successful stories about losing weight, and I truly admire those who managed to get to their ideal weight. However, I also know that many of those strategies hide some unpleasant surprises.

Anemia, weak immune system, hormonal disbalance, vitamin deficiency, or even anorexia – are just a few of the problems that some dieters face while trying to lose weight.

I have known a woman, who was so desperate to lose weight that she started eating only one very small meal a day. Of course she lost weight, but guess how much she eats now? That’s right – still only one very small meal a day! If she starts eating more, she will go back to where she was before. She became her own diet’s prisoner. Please do not repeat those dieting mistakes.

If you are not sure about what you are doing or start feeling worse do not hesitate to consult your doctor or email me. Gaining your health back will be much harder than gaining weight. :)

Learn What's Good For You

Remember that we are all different: each of us has his own unique story behind those extra pounds. Therefore you need a plan that fits your special situation – some people need to work-out more, some need to focus on nutrition.

Steps to Lose Weight Naturally

Here is what you will need to do nutshell:

  1. Find out what your ideal weight should be.
  2. Learn how to naturally speed up your metabolism.
  3. Get your hormones under control.
  4. Establish healthy eating habits.
  5. Learn how to establish healthy diet plan.
  6. Get motivated to lose weight naturally.
  7. Choose your diet.
  8. Decide how much exercise you need.
  9. Calculate your daily calorie needs.
  10. Get rid of those pounds and share your story with others!

If I could lose weight you can definitely do it too! Start today :)

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