Ideal Weight Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator

Free BMI Calculator to Determine Your Ideal Weight

It is a good idea to use ideal weight calculator to find out what your ideal weight is before you begin changing anything in your body.

Historically women always wanted to weight less that they did and men wanted to appear heavier than they were. But right now many people started to realize that being healthy is by far more important than all those crazy ‘beauty tricks’.

Beauty Standards Are Not Ideal

Have you ever heard of 36-24-36 (or 90-60-90) chest-waist-hips measurements? It represents the manifestation of an ideal beauty standard - a paradigm that was born in the mid 50’s and still is a prescription of a perfect female body.

Well a friend of mine who is 5’11” tall would probably look hideous with such proportions. Thankfully she knows better. But many women try to reach this size no matter what their height or body constitution is.

I put this example here for you to realize that your health should be a key factor in determining your optimal weight. Do not set yourself unrealistic goals – you will look beautiful only if you are healthy.

Plum radiant skin, silky and shiny hair and a smile on your face is what makes you beautiful, and not those numbers on your scale or measuring tape. Same of course applies to men. Normal and natural looking body is the most attractive to everyone. And all that comes with a healthy lifestyle ‘package’.

Remember that being healthy will make you feel satisfied with your life better than any beauty canons.

But of course using ideal weight calculator to figure out your optimal weight range will not hurt you. On the contrary, it will give you a good estimate of how much you should weigh in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Body Mass Index Calculator

You have probably already heard of Body Mass Index - a formula that calculates your ideal weight. Here is the formula in metric and English units:

And here is how to interpret the results:

BMI Range

Result Category

Less than 16.5 

Severely underweight

16.5 -18.5


18.5 - 24.9


25 – 29.9


30 and up


Free BMI Calculator

You can also use the following ideal weight calculator that will do all the calculations for you:

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

And to find your BMI range use the table below:


Ideal Weight


77-103 lbs


79-109 lbs


82-111 lbs


86-115 lbs


88-119 lbs


91-123 lbs


94-127 lbs


98-132 lbs


101-136 lbs


104-140 lbs


107-145 lbs


111-148 lbs


114-154 lbs


118-159 lbs


122-164 lbs


125-168 lbs


128-173 lbs


132-178 lbs


136-183 lbs


140-189 lbs


144-194 lbs


148-199 lbs


152-204 lbs


156-210 lbs


160-215 lbs


164-221 lbs


168-227 lbs


173-232 lbs


177-238 lbs


181-244 lbs

For instance, I am 5’8” tall so my ideal weight range is between 122 and 164. In other words I have 42 pound to spare! I personally think that this is a bit too inaccurate because there is a huge difference between those two end-numbers.

So while it still is enlightening to know what your BMI is, I suggest using the following technique:

Ideal Weight Calculator Step by Step

There are three easy steps you need to take to determine your ideal body weight.

Step 1 – Calculate Your Ideal Weight

One of the easiest and most accurate, in my opinion, is the following Paul Broca method (it is calculated in metric units, so if you need help converting go here):


  • Height less than 165 cm : Height (cm) – 100 = Ideal Weight
  • Height between 166 and 175: Height (cm) – 105 = Ideal Weight
  • Height more than 176: Height (cm) – 110 = Ideal Weight


Obviously, this method will give you rough estimates too, but they will be closer to what you should be aiming at. To get more exact numbers we need to take our body type (frame) into consideration.

Step 2 – Determine Your Body Type

Here are the three body types:

    1. Small boned or asthenic

    2. Medium boned or normosthenic

    3. Large boned or hypersthenic

To learn what is your body type measure around your wrist. Here are the results:

For women:

    1. Small boned or asthenic – 6 inches or less (15 cm or less)

    2. Medium boned or normosthenic – 6 to 7 inches (16-18 cm)

    3. Large boned or hypersthenic – 7 inches or more ( 18 cm or more)

For men:

    1. Small boned or asthenic – 6 ½ inches or less (17 cm or less)

    2. Medium boned or normosthenic – 6 ½ to 8 inches (17-20 cm)

    3. Large boned or hypersthenic – 8 inches or more (20 cm or more)

Step 3 – Adjust Your Ideal Weight To Your Body Type

After you determined what your body type is, you have to adjust your ideal body weight accordingly. If you are small boned subtract 10% from your actual body weight, if you are medium boned do not change anything, and if you are large boned add 10%.

Here is an example: my height is 174cm.

    Step 1: My ideal weight according to Broca method is: 174–105 = 69 (kg)

    Step 2: I measure my wrist: it is 15 cm, so my body type is small boned.

    Step 3: I subtract 10% from my ideal body weight : 69 – 6.9 = 62.1 (kg)

Hence, my adjusted ideal body weight is 62.1 kg or 137 pounds.

Go ahead and do your calculations now using my formula. Hope my ideal weight calculator helps. :)

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