How To Jump Start Metabolism

If you feel tired, unmotivated and can’t lose weight you need to jump start metabolism because fast metabolism is the key to successful weight loss.

You may have a slow metabolism due to variety of reasons but most important one of them all in 99 percent of cases is lack of physical activity.

If you struggle to lose weight and tried different diets but none of them work then it is evident that you need to focus on returning your metabolic exchanges to normal and healthy state.

A healthy diet and portion control is important but what many of us overlook is a consistent physical activity that is vital for successful weight loss. And isn’t it a reason why you are researching metabolism subject anyways?

What Is Metabolism?

Metabolism is a complex group of processes responsible for energy synthesis from nutrients that we get from food. Only one out of a hundred people have slow metabolism due to endocrine system disorders.

The rest of us have slow metabolism because of the unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits, stressful environment and lack of physical activity.

If you have little kids you probably know that they are always on a go ready for trouble. They never stop moving, even at the time when they are allowed to watch TV. They walk, jump, crawl, climb, dance – you name it. And we, adult, always wonder where on earth they get all that energy from?

The answer is that they are healthy and have fast metabolic exchange that provides them with lots of energy.

So for us to jump start our metabolism we need to acknowledge that physical activity is essential and inevitable.

So How Do We Jump Start Metabolism?

If you think that you can have a movie star body and spend nearly every night on the couch watching your favorite TV shows - you are wrong. If you want to achieve something you need to sweat it, at least at the beginning.

First thing you need to get into habit of doing is a spine stretch. This will remove all blockages in the spine restoring free energy circulation in your body and return your metabolism to the original healthy state.

Secondly you have to set your mind to a positive thinking and remember - all changes first start in your head.

Instead of thinking that you are overweight, fat and unattractive, create a positive, beautiful and healthy image of yourself in your mind. If you start to feel beautiful you will soon notice many pleasant changes in your life.

Exercise to Jump Start Metabolism

Scientists claim that 1 hour of exercising increase metabolism by 10-15%. But I know how difficult it is to start exercising let alone make it a habit when you are not use to it. But I also know that once you start – it is not too bad.

How To Start Exercising If You have no energy

jump start metabolism

How many times have you promised yourself that you will start a new life…tomorrow?

I can’t guarantee that I can change your life but there is one technique that will jump start your desire for exercising.

Get up from your chair, stand straight, your feet are together, your palms are by your side, your shoulders are relaxed, down and away from your head, your spine is straight and the crown of your head is lifted, your belly sucked in and your lower abdominal muscles are flexed. Your neck is relaxed. Breath calmly and try to relax in this pose, focusing your mind on your lower abdominal.

I promise that after a minute standing in this pose your body will warm up and you will fee ready for a nice exercise routine.

Remember your healthy is in your hands!

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Jump Start Metabolism

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