Mental Appetite Suppressants

Mental Appetite Suppressants

How To Stop Eating?

Wouldn’t it be great to be on a diet and never think about food of feel hungry all the time?

It sure would!

But unfortunately the main draw back of any weight loss diet is an increased appetite: and it is not so much a physiological need for nutrients but rather psychological desire for something you can’t have.

Imagine a nice quiet evening at home. You are comfortably situated on the couch in front of the TV and your favorite show is about to get started. You still have a few minutes to spare and that is when all of a sudden you realize that something is missing. Just one last thing before you can sit back and relax…

Did it happen to you before?

Suddenly your hand starts searching for a pack of potato chips, or peanuts or a chocolate bar. And not to forget the large glass of refreshing soda. Or you may even get to the fridge and make yourself a sandwich wondering how to stop eating...

Does this sound familiar?

Our uncontrollable desire to snack during main meals is a number one enemy in fight against excessive weight. So here are my mental appetite suppressants that will help you deal with this annoying habit.

Visual Appetite Suppressants

One of most extravagant and well known ways to deal with increased appetite is to hang pictures of people who are either extremely attractive and slim, or to the contrary in a bad shape and overweight all over the place in your home. Mental appetite suppressant such as visualization can be a very strong psychological weapon against our snacking desires.

It is a good idea to place your ‘favorite’ pictures on the fridge door, or somewhere near the snacking area or simply all over the house. Often those reminders work even better if the person on the picture is the owner of them himself.

Keep Your Grocery List Healthy

My personal favorite mental appetite suppressant is the absolute absence of any junk food in my house. This way you do not wonder how to stop eating, you simply have no choice!

I try not to stock up on food and cook fresh every day if possible so most of the time my refrigerator is pretty empty: usually all I have is vegetables. And who would want to snack on raw veggies, especially if you just had them for lunch or dinner?

So next time you do grocery shopping try to avoid stocking on chips and candies.

You might be disappointed to find out that you have nothing ‘yummy’ left in the house when it is time for a snack, but you will thank yourself next time you get on the scale. And one more thing: absolutely never go groceries shopping when you are hungry!

Attention Shifting Appetite Suppressant

The previous recommendation will be hard to follow if you have a big family with little kids, but do not worry. You may still escape from snacks even in the house full of junk food. Try to arrange yourself a fun activity or do some housework every time you feel the urge to snack.

So instead of challenging yourself and thinking how to stop eating you will be busy doing something useful.

Some people even put the exercise machine in front of TV and get on it whenever they feel like snacking. Even a few sit ups or ab crunches can suppress your appetite and shift your attention from the food.

Skinny Jeans Approach

And finally take out those skinny jeans of yours out of the closet more often. Try them on every time you want to snack and do not know how to stop eating. It may kill your desire of snacking right there and then.

If you do not wear jeans go shopping and buy yourself a nice little outfit a few sizes smaller. Trying clothes on that do not fit can be a little frustrating but it will also encourage you to keep that appetite under control.

I hope my mental appetite suppressants will help you achieve your goal!

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