Natural Metabolism Boosters

Speeding your metabolism with natural metabolism boosters might be what you need to lose weight fast.

The following article contains most effortless methods and tips on how to boost your weight loss, burn fat faster and help you get rid of extra pounds.

All of the metabolism boosters and techniques listed here are natural and will not hurt your health.

Primary Metabolism Boosters

1. Frequent food intake

Any food speeds your metabolism up. You body burns 10% of all calories per day to digest food and absorb necessary nutrients. The earlier in a day you eat the faster your metabolism will work.

So the plan here is pretty simple: try eating 5 to 6 small meals per day with the most food consumed at breakfast and least at dinner time.

Note: Not everyone can eat often. Some people benefit more from eating good size meal once or twice a day. The key is not to get too hungry.

I, for example, couldn't comply with 5-small-meals-a-day schedule when I had to both work and take care of my baby. I ended up being hungry and thought about food and cooking all day long. I felt like all of my attention was turned to my diet and it stressed me out. And as you probably know, stress slows metabolism down.

So after a while I gave in and started eating twice a day: in the morning and then in the afternoon with small snacks here and there such as raw fruits or vegetables, nuts, herbal teas and plenty of water. It made me feel much more relaxed and I still lost weight at a good rate.

2. Exercise is one of the best metabolism boosters

metabolism boosters

You may quickly restore muscle tissue and speed up metabolism through moderate to intense exercise routine. The more intensive is your routine the faster your muscles grow and that in turn speeds up your metabolism helping you burn fat.

But even light physical activity like walking or riding a bicycle will help you burn fat. As I mentioned previously you do not have to sweat at the gym every day after work to get good results – walking your dog or going up and down the stairs may be just enough.

If you exercise in the evening your metabolism accelerates instead of naturally slowing down. This makes your body actively burn calories for a few extra hours, even during the sleep. Just make sure you do it couple of hours before you go to bed as it may be harder for you to fall asleep after active work-out.

3. Weight training

Muscle cells use much more calories than fat cells. To compare: one pound of muscle tissue consumes about 35-40 calories per day and one pound of fat two calories only. This means that the more muscles you have the more calories you burn even at rest. So if you want to lose weight faster and look toned - start lifting, because cardio is just not enough and it's often boring.

4. Massage

Any kind of massage stimulates your muscles and increases blood flow through soft tissue.

Anti-cellulite massage is a power massage that can have deep penetrating effect and speed up metabolic exchange.

Vacuum massage is also great way to speed up metabolism. In addition it increases blood circulation through muscle tissue and helps to detoxify your body.

Honey massage is another amazing soft tissue massage that increases lymph flow and also facilitates metabolic exchange. It has an incredible skin purification effects and relieves stress providing your body with deep relaxation.

Massage is especially beneficial for those of us who are not thrilled about frequent exercising.

5. Sauna


Infrared sauna encourages cell activities, warms your body from the inside out and speeds metabolism by improving thermal regulation of the body.

Traditional sauna increases plasma volume and red cell volume, decreased systolic blood pressure, significantly improves exercise tolerance, increases peak respiratory oxygen uptake. It of course speeds you metabolism up as well.

Note: There are some contraindications to sauna (especially certain heart conditions) so make sure to consult with your doctor before using it.

6. Water

Water is the main part of metabolic exchange, without it you would not have any metabolism, you would not even existed.

Water suppresses appetite and draws postponed fats to participate in metabolic exchange. Water is a matrix of life - its essential element. Make sure you drink plenty of it! If you do not consume enough water, your body will work on restoring fluids instead of burning fats.

additional Metabolism Boosters

1. Aromatherapy and essential oils

Some essential oils help to expand blood vessels improving blood circulation, and hence speeding up your metabolism. The use of essential oils in combination with massage will provide you with even better results.

2. Sleep

A good night sleep encourages the production of growth hormone which in turn speeds up metabolism helping you burn calories and lose weight. It also restores and replenishes brain cells which help you stay more focused and active during your waking hours. So make sure you get plenty of sleep!

Sun and Fresh air 

Sunlight makes us more active, and supplies us with vitamin D. Oxygen (fresh air) stimulates all internal processes including blood circulation. Staying outdoors on a warm, sunny day will definitely speed your metabolism up and also will make you feel great.

4. Relaxation

Stress releases lipid acids that travel through the blood stream and get stored in fat tissue. So make sure you allow yourself time to relax and relieve stress.

Here is a quick relaxation method: close your eyes and sit still and quiet for a few minutes.

Think about something that makes you happy, some pleasant place, warm air and lots of sunshine. Inhale deep and slowly exhale, relax all your body from head to toes. Stay calm and restful for at least five minutes.

You will notice how your heart rate slowed down making your stress decline. Repeat this technique from natural metabolism boosters every time you feel tired or stressed out.

5. Contrast Shower

This is a great way to speed up you metabolism. But if you have never done it before try taking it easy. Slowly familiarize your body with different contrast temperatures.

Start with warm water somewhere around your body temperature. Then lower temperature down a few degrees. Stay under it for 30 seconds and bring it back to comfortably warm. As you progress increase time to 1 minute and do 10 minutes total (5 minutes under hot and 5 minutes under cold water).

It will speed your metabolism up and provide you with many other great benefits: it is a right treatment for your skin, it dramatically improves skin appearance, making it more elastic, it relieves stress, and helps you to sleep better making you feel more energized.

Now that you have learned how to speed up your metabolism with the above metabolism boosters it is time to calculate your metabolic rate considering your weight and age.

Use my free calorie calculator to figure out how many calories you need to consume a day in order to lose weight or if you reached your ideal weight how to keep it at that stage.

Hope you have found my metabolism boosters helpful!

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