Boost Metabolism Naturally

Single Best Metabolism Exercise To Boost Metabolism Naturally

Are you tired of diet pills and want to boost metabolism naturally? 

It's actually quite easy to boost metabolism naturally with a little discipline and motivation. I am not going to keep you wondering and will tell you right away that the best metabolism exercise is good old walking.

Yes, that is right, you do not need to run, jog, or torture yourself with an elliptical   - all you need is a consistent every day walk, preferably out in the fresh air. Your goal is 10 000 steps a day or approximately 5 miles (of course it can be less at the beginning).

And as specialists suggested you need to walk fast enough so that you would not feel too comfortable about talking but still be able to if you have to.

Metabolism Exercise For Pleasure

boost metabolism naturally

Don’t rush into setting a record the first day. If you only walk for ten minutes the first day – don’t worry either, soon enough you will not imagine your life without it.

Contrary to what many believe walking is a complex exercise that employs entire motor system and 50 different muscles just to make one step.

Sustained walking corrects your walking posture, reduces health risks and has many other health benefits, such as reducing the chances of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, boost metabolism naturally and encourage weight loss.

Make Exercising A Habit

Forget about being lazy – it is too easy. You come back home from a long day at work; you have a big hearty dinner and get on a couch to watch TV. Your life becomes a mess but you have no strengths to change anything.

So if you decide that today (at the latest tomorrow) will be the day – follow it through!

According to scientists it takes a about a month and a half to get preconditioned for the continuously repeated action, another month and a half to get it to our subconsciousness and another few months to make it a habit.

So if you exercise every day for at least 5 or 6 months you will get into habit of doing it effortlessly, almost like brushing your teeth ever morning.

Metabolism Exercise Strategy

Set yourself a goal to do 15 minutes spine stretch and walk outdoors for the next three months. Do not plan too far ahead, you will get overwhelmed and make it hard on yourself to get up and exercise every day. 3 months is not that long to be able to achieve that goal but is long enough to make a huge impact on your body, mind and metabolism.

And do not worry if you miss a few days, just go back to your routine as soon as you can again and do not feel guilty. Everyone needs a break including you.

Try to shut your eyes while doing our spine stretches as you will be able to focus on your body and feel the energy flow up and down your spine.

Remember if you have lots of weight to lose, take it easy with exercising. Many reliable sites suggest that only moderate to heavy physical activity will make you lose weight and is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but none of them take into account the true health state of overweight or obese person.

Those with more that 10-15 pound to lose have to be extra careful with their heart and joints.

I recommend consulting your general practitioner before you begin exercising. If you follow a specific workout plan I suggest focusing on the quality of exercise ad not quantity. Instead of doing 20 repeats start with 5 and gradually increase them as your body gets used to physical activity.

Do Not Get Discouraged To Boost Metabolism Naturally

After first couple of weeks your joints might get sore and get extra sensitive. Reduce your workload, but don’t stop. It is only natural that your joints start hurting, as they probably are not used to the motion.

It takes time to return them to a healthy state. Besides they probably work extra hard if you are carrying extra weight on yourself.

It took me over 6 months for my joints to become elastic enough to stop aching every time I got down on my knees. (not to mention that I have lost about 100 pounds.)

Diet To Boost Metabolism Naturally

Now that you know how to boost metabolism naturally lets move onto a diet that will also help you improve your metabolic exchange rates.

It is called a smart diet. The main principle of this diet is based upon one very effective physiological method: when it comes to losing weight instead of fighting against obesity fightfor your fitness, health and beauty.

Cut back on unhealthy foods, stop eating at a fast food restaurants, use portion control, avoid stressful situations, rest enough, increase physical activity and the result will not keep you waiting for too long. You will quickly lose weight.

Employ Positive Life Philosophy

boost metabolism naturally

You are a small part of this whole beautiful and mysterious universe; you share one life and get the energy from it. In order for you to keep this energy moving you need to achieve inner peace and harmony.

Stay positive, share your happiness with others, focus on your positive emotions and feel the endless love in your heart. Happy mind and loving heart nourishes our body providing it with energy and health. And that is a main condition for fast and healthy metabolism.

All negative emotions block the energy flow in your body causing you to feel tired, stressed out, depressed, and ill. Try to avoid negative situations, and stress as much as you can – life is too short to think bad.

Food Diary To Help Boost Metabolism Naturally

Start food diary and record your weight, your overall well-being, and of course, everything you ate. This will give you a good idea of where you stand and if you are heading to the right direction.

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