Speed Up Metabolism

How to Speed up Metabolism

Here you will learn how to speed up metabolism naturally to help lose weight faster.

Statistically 85% of overweight people find it impossible to lose weight. Why? They often blame slow metabolism and do not know that there are simple and effective ways to speed up metabolism.

In addition, not many of us know what it really is and how it influences our health and ability to lose weight.

What Is Metabolism?

In a nutshell, metabolism is a set of processes responsible for food digestion, absorption of necessary nutrients and deducing slags and toxins out of the body.

When one of these processes stops working properly, we either become overweight or are unable to lose weight. There are three main reasons for slow metabolic exchange:

  • Endocrine system disorders
  • Psychological problems
  • Unhealthy eating habits

Endocrine system disorders are hormonal misbalances that should be clinically treated. If you suspect that you can’t lose weight because you have hormonal problems you should consult your doctor – you might need hormonal therapy. It is not likely that you will lose weight before you get your hormones under control.

There is also one powerful set of exercises that is aimed at preventing hormonal disorders. It is called ‘Five Tibetan Rites’. Read my article that talks about Five Tibetan Rites technique and watch ‘Five Tibetan Rites’ video.

Nevertheless, there are only 5% of overweight people who have endocrine system disorders. The rest of us either turn to food for comfort or have bad eating habits. Typically it is discrepancy between caloric intake and energy utilization. In other words – we eat more than we need.

It is especially evident in cases of very little or no physical activity. So if you are not very active you should consume minimal amount of calories.

Top reasons for slow metabolism

Too much food

Try writing down everything you eat for just a few days. But be honest with yourself, do not leave anything out: snacks, cookies and candies should also go in your diary, even very little ones.

After you have done this, calculate your calories. An average woman with moderate physical activity needs no more than 1400 calories a day and often less than that. An average man needs about 1800 calories per day.

So if you consume more than that, your metabolism has nothing to do with your inability to lose weight – you simply overeat. Try excluding sweets or fatty foods and you might soon notice a positive change.

Review my list of natural metabolism boosters and foods that speed up metabolism for more tips.

Excessive Dieting

Have you been on a diet all your life and tried everything possible to lose weight?

And in your fight against fat, fat won more often?

Even if you lost a few pounds here and there they came right back as soon as you finished dieting, making you go on a diet again. If this sounds familiar then your diagnosis is excessive dieting.

What happens is your body gets exhausted from constant dieting torture and starts to store fat in case you decide to starve it again. The longer you have been dieting the longer it will take to persuade your body to give up stored fat and speed up metabolism.

But how do you do that?

By giving it all it needs: fibers, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals - all in right proportions. See my healthy food pyramid for details.


This is one of the biggest issues many dieter face. Whenever we begin a diet we start thinking about food more often than ever.

But do we really get hungry or there is something else involved?

Most of the time we, in fact, feel hungry only in our head and not in our stomach. That is the way our mind works: we always want something we can’t have and the bigger the restriction the more intense is the desire to break it.

So how do we fight it?

Read my article about mental appetite suppressants for tips on how to fight hunger.

Psychological factors

We love turning to food for comfort – there is nothing wrong with it most of the time. Food is universal energy source - it is capable of satisfying all our needs.

If you feel tense or aggressive - you constantly want to chew on something: cookies, nuts, anything that will keep your jaws moving.

If you lack TLC - you go for sweets: candies, cakes, chocolates. It is no wonder, because sugar makes us feel happy and secure.

If you need to straighten things up or relax – you turn to comfort food from your childhood: grandmother’s best pancakes or mashed potatoes with homemade gravy, etc.

And finally some of us are simply afraid to change – we get used to our lifestyles and anything new scares us away. Not to mention that together with extra pounds we lose an opportunity to feel sorry for our-pour-selves.


Once again – hormonal misbalances should be medically treated. But you may still lose weight even with your hormones. It will not be as easy, but it is possible. And it is utmost important to follow healthy diet when you have hormonal problems – they will get under control faster.

Active lifestyle

Exercise is probably most significant way to speed up metabolism. Even minimum physical activity can speed up metabolism. For example regular walk. Breakfast and regular eating schedule also speed it up. And drinking plenty of water. And a good night sleep. But most importantly – overall fitness. Feeling happy, satisfied and enjoying your life makes it easier to lose weight and be healthy.

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