Natural Body Cleanse Tips For Health and Weight Loss

Regular natural body cleanse and detoxification is one of the essential healthy lifestyle components. If you do it frequently you will remain free of damaging substances without the need of expensive colon cleanse and significantly prolong your life.

Why Do You Need To detox your body?

If you decide to perform body detoxification for the first time, it is important to prepare for it in advance to ensure that your body is ready for the natural cleanse and detox. It will also make the whole detox process go smoother and with more consequent benefits.


There are different ways to perform body detoxification. It can be fasting, cleansing, dieting, or with the help of complementary medicine, etc. However, the preparation part is always the same.

Natural Body Cleanse Preparation 

The time required to prepare your body for detoxification may vary depending on your age, weight and health condition. The older you are, the more you weight or if you have any serious illnesses the longer must be the preparation.

Note: The proposed methods should not replace medical treatments.

The body detox preparation is designed for individuals without any serious health conditions. It is best used to improve your appearance, start looking younger, healthier and more beautiful.

The method will also prepare your body for weight loss programs and a healthy pregnancy for women.

On average it takes about a week to prepare your body for further detoxification. However if you fall under your ideal weight category you may limit the preparation time to 3-5 days.

Natural Body Cleanse Plan

So here is what we have to do in a nutshell:

First we have to eliminate the causes for slagging: we “relieve” our body through light nourishment and try to become more active.

We " tease” slag and toxins and force all organs and cells in the body to dispose of them out into the bloodstream, which in turn transports them to the biological filters and excretory organs.

We heat our body either in sauna, hot shower or bath. We open our pores to let the toxins leave our system and we moisturize our skin.

After that we activate the performance of our excretory organs and we clean the blood and our natural filters.

Natural Body Cleanse: Nutrition

In order to remove the causes of slagging, it is necessary to switch to the lighter nourishment.

To do that we have to reduce the intake of foods which are inclined to form the unique gel in our organs that makes it harder for our system to get rid of waste products and toxins.


Meat, fish, dairy products, bleached flour (white bread, cakes, pastry, etc). It is preferable to completely remove them from our diet during the body cleansing time.


Consume more of the fresh vegetables and fruits (but not the dried fruits), fresh juices, whole grains, nuts, extra virgin olive oil and herbal teas.


It is very important to drink enough liquids during the body detox preparation time. 

Along with water you may also drink freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices and herbal teas which are infused with colloids that absorb and dispose of slags from our system.


It is a good idea to add different spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, chili, ginger, onion and garlic into your meals. 

Spices tend to increase your metabolism and blood circulation and assist in releasing toxins.

Just remember, spices also have a tendency to stimulate your appetite and their excessive use negatively affects our liver.


This preliminary diet is an initial step in the detox process. It tunes our excretory organs up and prepares them for further in-depth purifying procedures.

If you complete the body detox preparation you will make it easier for your body cells to release the toxins and other waste products and never store them again.

Body Cleanse Warming Up And Exercise

To complement our diet it is necessary to take hot showers up to 30 minutes long every day during the body detox preparation week. You may substitute hot showers for a bath or even sauna if you can.

The more you heat your body up during this week the better will be the results.

But avoid sudden temperature changes; however you may take cool showers after your heat sessions.  

If your skin is not very oily, use olive or coconut oil to moisturize your skin, especially on your belly.

Furthermore, you should try to stay as active as possible during this week. Exercise to keep your joins warm and stimulate the blood flow. Check out my ideas for exercising without hassle.  

As the result you will feel more relaxed, energized, and refreshed. Your body will feel stronger and ready to move onto the forthcoming procedures of in depth detoxification if needed.


Natural body cleanse and detox becoming nowadays more as a necessity rather than a choice to be made. After detoxification your body becomes notably healthier and revitalized with a boost of energy. With the various methods of detoxing, almost everyone can do it at no cost at all.

The only important thing to remember is to prepare your body for it correctly and try to follow a healthy diet plan afterwards.

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