Healthy Detox Diet Plan

Generally, there are three different types of a healthy detox diet.

I recommend to first start with a one day detox diet plan for those who have never done it to see how your body reacts to it.

In spite of unquestionable benefits of body cleansing detoxification, some restrictions still apply.

You must consult your doctor before going on a diet including body detox program, especially if you are:

  • pregnant or nursing,
  • under age of 18,
  • have diabetes,
  • have kidney or liver disease.
  • or other medical conditions.


healthy detox diet

Express - course (1-2 days)

This detox diet plan is typically recommended after big holidays and other celebrations such as weddings, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or any other holidays when we tend to overeat.

The plan is simple:

During first day of this detox diet plan only liquids are allowed. You have to drink plenty of water; you may also drink unsweetened tea or vegetable broth.

During second day you should eat 2-3 cups of unsweetened yogurt, 1 fresh fruit (except for bananas and grapes) and some steamed unsalted vegetables. Make sure you drink lots of water during the second day as well.

If you are used to eating lots of fiber you may try oatmeal and watermelon one day detox plan. Eat 2-3 cups of cooked oatmeal (no sugar or salt) mixed with 1 teaspoon of flaxseed and 3-4 pounds of watermelon.

Note: If you don’t consume plenty of fiber every day your body may not like this method and you may instead get constipated.

7 Day Detox Diet Plan

This plan includes healthy eating, exercise and massage. Try eating three meals a day at the same time. Eat lots of vegetable, fruits and grains (choose organic).

Drink plenty of water.

Cut down on meat, sweets and starch. Refer to my healthy food pyramid for more details.

Do some breathing exercises like 5 Tibetan rites, and 30 minutes cardio work-out every day. Stay outdoors as much as you can to get plenty of fresh air.

Every other day get a massage. It will help you to relive stress, release energy, and get rid of toxins faster.

21 Day Detox Diet Plan

This prolonged course (you may stay on it for up to 5 weeks) is especially helpful for those who decide to quit smoking. This method excludes meat, poultry, wheat and wheat products, and dairy products to limit the absorption of acids during digestion.

You can eat all vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, and drink fresh juices.

The best type of exercise for this detox program is walking, swimming or yoga. Stay away from intense workout because they consume a lot of energy and can cause too much stress to your healing body.

Before beginning the prolonged detox diet course you must consult with your doctor or dietitian.

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