Green Tea Diet

Green Tea For Weight Loss Diet

Using green tea for weight loss is an effective and easy way to shed excess fat and get into great shape without having to go on a strict diet.

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular not only because it tastes great but also because it has tremendous amount of heath benefits. Including green tea into your healthy diet will boost your immunity, increase your metabolism, slow down aging and help you lose weight.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea and members of the tea family including black and white teas have passed the test of time dating back countless generations, and they have demonstrated essential health advantages in extensive research studies over the past decade.

You can take advantage of the numerous anti-aging benefits from drinking just few cups fresh brewed tea each day.

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Have you ever wondered why many Japanese women stay fit and look young even later in life?

Well, this is because they drink lots of green tea, or take green tea supplements. For centuries green tea has been used for its antioxidant properties, to help fight mental and physical fatigue. It was valued for its general health enhancing properties, and even in the fight against cancer.

Green tea is also known to prevent blood clotting tendencies, lower blood cholesterol levels and the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Green Tea Diet Plan

Drinking just 2 to 4 cups of green tea a day will help you lose weight or maintain healthy weight and not gain extra pounds after snacking on your favorite cake.

If you are not a green tea lover and can’t make yourself drink it every day, you may try taking natural green tea supplements or even chew on few green tea leafs after your brewed it.

But remember that drinking a cup or two of tea a day will hydrate your body and add to your daily water intake which is important for a successful weight loss.


If you are like me and don’t like the bitterness of freshly brewed green tea try adding a teaspoon of honey into your cup. It will enhance the flavor of tea and add a little sweetness. Cup of green tea with honey will also control your appetite and help you with food cravings.

Why Green Tea for Weight Loss is Effective?

The reason why green tea for weight loss is so effective is simple. Green tea leafs contain special bioactive ferments that are known to block the absorption of starches so they simply pass through your system without having any effect on your body. The results are the same as if you went on a low carbohydrates diet, except now you can still eat your carbs and not worry about them settling down on your hips or waist.

Healthy Food Choices is the Key

This of course doesn’t mean that you can forget about your healthy habits and start eating everything you can imagine. You will get the most benefits from drinking green tea for weight loss only if you continue eating healthy and limit the consumption of processed, packaged, canned or frozen food such as cakes, French fries, pizzas etc.

At the same time you should not starve yourself to death. We all want to see fast results and it feels great to see the changes our body goes through while losing weight. But remember, you can’t stay on a very strict diet for a long time.

One day you will inevitably lose control and gain all your pounds back. To avoid this from happening make sure you eat enough food every day to feel satisfied.

Do not skip meals, as your body will want to compensate for it, if not today then sometime in the near future.

Starving is not only difficult but also brings negative results in the long run.

As with any successful and healthy diet to speed up weight loss, and maintain healthy body you have to eat more fresh vegetables, lean meats, fish, colorful fruits, healthy fats and whole grains. And green tea diet is not an exception.

How to Brew Green Tea for Weight Loss

The taste and the health benefits of green tea greatly depend on the way you brew it. Brew your green tea too hot, and it will become bitter. The correct temperature does vary depending on the green tea you are using but for the most part it should be at around 160-175 degrees Fahrenheit (73-76 C).

To make 1 cup of tea use 1 full teaspoon of green tea leafs.

Use teapot to brew your green tea to ensure that the leafs have enough room to expand. Normally green tea is brewed for about 2 minutes.

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