90 Day Diet – Healthy
Weight Loss Diet

Healthy 90 day diet will help you achieve best weight loss results and keep the weight off.

Long term Goals vs Fad Diets

Many of us when discover that they have gained weight begin to panic and use extreme measures to get back on track. Usually those measures consist of fad unhealthy diets that starve our body and mind, making our skin look dull and grey, decreasing our ability to cope with stress and making us feel edgy and anxious.

Usually the long term result of such fad diets is slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance and yo-yo effect, when we gain twice as much weight back after we get off the restricting diet and begin ‘pigging out’ again.

I am sure this scenario has happened with many of us at some point of life. So if you found yourself carrying few extra pounds (or more!) don’t dread and instead plan for a long term dieting change.

I have been trying many different diets for many years, as I tend to gain lots of weight every winter, and over time I came to the conclusion that the faster I lose weight the faster it comes back.

90 day diet plan

I know that we are all eager to get rid of that fat fast and for good, but in reality that NEVER works!

And in reality we end up wasting more time with years of struggling on fast diets than going for a lifetime change once and forever. The milder your diet is, the more likely you stick to it and the more likely your body will accept the changes and assist you in losing unwanted weight.

Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds in 2 months, aim at losing 20 pounds in 6 months. Just think about it, 6 months seems like a long time, but finding yourself 20 pounds lighter with minimum effort in 6 month will be quite a pleasant surprise.

90 Day Diet Benefits

So the following 90 day diet plan was created with the same idea in mind: you lose weight slowly, but you will be able to keep it off.

And since it isn’t a fad diet, you can extend this healthy diet plan beyond the 90-day period and lose even more weight.

This 90 day diet and weight loss plan is not just a regular diet menu, it is a thought through plan that rotates anabolic and catabolic diet menus, helping your body burn maximum fat in the minimum amount of time.

90 Day Diet Instructions

For the next 90 days you will have to follow the menu listed below in the order in which it is presented. Each day corresponds to a different food processing cycle and be sure not to mix it up.

The menu consists of 4 days and at the end of each month or every 29th day you have to do water fast where all you eat/drink all day is water.

First day is a high fat/low carb day.

Second day is a low fat/high protein day.

Third day is a carbohydrate day.

Forth day is a vitamin day.

In the 90 day period you will have three main meals plus 1-2 snacks. Make sure you don’t eat between the meals and plan to have your meals at equal intervals.

Always remember to drink lots of water and avoid alcohol during the 90 day diet. You can drink any tea or coffee just with no added sugar.

90 Day Diet Menu

day 1

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs, whole milk or yogurt, any vegetables just in small amount with olive oil dressing.
  • Lunch – any fat fish, meat, small baked potato with butter, small salad.
  • Dinner – same as lunch, but smaller size.
  • Snacks– any nuts, seeds, meats, cheese, other dairy or eggs. No bread, fruits.

day 2

  • Breakfast – small amount of fruits and/or vegetables, eggs and lean meats.
  • Lunch – lean meat or fish, cooked without fats, vegetable salad, small baked potato or few table spoons of rice.
  • Dinner – same as lunch, plus low fat yogurt or cottage cheese.
  • Snacks – lean chicken in a wrap with salad lettuce. No nuts, no fruit.

day 3

  • Breakfast – fruits, oatmeal/pancakes/toasts, low fat milk, yogurt.
  • Lunch – pasta, sandwiches, just with little fat, vegetables, fruits. Small amount of lean meat or fish.
  • Dinner – same as lunch but smaller portion.
  • Snacks – fruits, vegetables, crackers, granola.

day 4

  • Breakfast – Fruits.
  • Lunch – Fruit juices or smoothies with low fat milk or yogurt.
  • Dinner – Fruits with crackers.
  • Snacks – low fat yogurt, vegetables, fruit, juices. Avoid meats, and fats.

At the end of every 4th day go back to day one.

This 90 day diet menu is very flexible and you will never get bored. Try making different soups with vegetables when they are allowed, or look for fun smoothie recipes and other recipes that have the products you are allowed to eat.

With this 90 day diet plan, that is so easy to follow, you will get steady loss of weight and feel confident and strong because you won’t have to starve yourself or put too much effort into your diet.

Just stay motivated and determined and you will get into the best shape of your life and be able to maintain it for years to come!

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