HEALTHY Model Diet
FROM Claudia Schiffer

This healthy model diet is unbelievably easy and effective for getting you in shape. If you want to look as great as famous top model Claudia Schiffer then you just have to try this weight loss healthy model diet!

It will help you lose weight without starving yourself to death. And as a well balanced diet it will improve your metabolism making you look healthy and radiant.

Claudia Schiffer model diet is called “5+”.

It means that the diet takes five days to complete and on day six you can treat yourself to something yummy as a compensation for ‘hard diet work’. The earlier in a day you will have your cheat meal the better as your metabolism is faster in the morning and slows down in the evening. After your cheat day you can go back on this diet for even better results. I find it best to follow this diet Monday through Friday and then have a few cheat meals like pancakes or pizza on the weekend. That way I don't even feel like I am on a diet yet my weight keeps coming off plus healthy eating improves my sleep during the week and makes my skin look radiant.

Claudia Schiffer diet “weighs” 1200 kcal per day and you can lose up to 7 pounds in the duration of the diet depending on your weight and metabolic rate. 

From the nutritional viewpoint the Claudia Schiffer diet menu is well balanced and holds no health risks. However it is strongly advised to consult your health care provider before going on any weight loss diet.  

Claudia Schiffer healthy model Diet Menu


1 cup of yogurt mixed with 1 cup of fresh fruits and granola cereal.


Fruit smoothie - to make it use 1 cup of fresh fruit juice and 1 cup of yogurt.


Vegetable ragout – to prepare it use 1 cauliflower, 1 sweet pepper, 1 carrot, ½ cup of peas or beans, 1 red onion, 1 head of celery, 1 medium potato, garlic and parsley to taste.

Cut all vegetables as you like and stew them in small amount of water, a little bit of olive oil and tomato paste. Add the seasoning of your choice; use lemon juice instead of salt.


Turkey or chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat bread.


Mixed fruit pilaf – to prepare it combine 1 cup of boiled rice with sliced fruits and berries of your choice. (Avoid bananas and grapes).

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