Ballerina Diet

Ballerina Diet

Ballerina diet consists of set of dieting rules that many known ballerinas follow to if they need to lose weight or simply stay fit and slim.

If you follow this healthy diet rules and build your daily ration using healthy food pyramid you will gradually stabilize your metabolism and lose weight fast guaranteed!

Ballerinas are required to be strong and healthy in order to succeed in the ballet world.

Although the following weight loss diet rules are pretty strict, they are essential healthy eating guidelines that anyone who wants to be healthy and strong as ballerinas should follow. I hope you will find them helpful for your weight loss program!

Ballerina Diet for Weight Loss Rules

  • Each serving of food must be divided into half;
  • Soups are independent meals and should be eaten separately from other foods;
  • Never mix different type of protein in one meal (such as fish, meat and dairy);
  • Use only low fat or fat free dairy products (including cheeses), always dilute milk with water or ice;
  • Never add sugar or sugar substitutes to your drinks;
  • Use only home made mayonnaise without egg yolks and salt;
  • Do not use salt; substitute it with soy sauce and spices;
  • Drink water 30 minutes before meal or 1 hour after; 
  • Drink at least 8-10 cups of water every day;
  • Drink slimming tea regularly.

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