7 Day Apple Diet

7 Day Apple Diet Plan

The following apple diet plan will help you lose extra pounds, deep cleanse your body and boost your immune systems. It is one of the most popular mono diets as it supplies your body with so many vitamins and minerals in the short amount of time.

Benefits of Apples

The old saying, that became once again popular, goes like this: eat one apple a day to keep the doctor away. Seems silly but this is very true.

Eating even one apple a day provides us with so many benefits and supplies so many vital nutrients to our body on a cellular level. Apples are considered one of the best fat burning foods because they are low in calories but high in fiber and have elements that stimulate metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.

Apples are full of Vitamin C, B, PP, iron, antioxidants and many others. They promote healthy heart, detoxify liver, prevent high blood pressure, regulate digestive system, normalize bowel movement and even fight cancer.

How to Pick And Eat Apples Correctly

apple diet plan

To get the most benefits from apples choose organic, preferably locally grown fresh apples and eat them with the skin and even seeds. Seeds in the apple are known to have the most pectin that is a fat burning fiber that stimulates healthy weight loss and control your appetite.

7 Day Apple Diet Plan

The 7 day apple diet plan we offer here is not a fat diet and you should not extend this diet beyond 7 days. After 7 days you will lose up to 8 pounds of fat, boost your immunity and deeply detoxify your body. Make sure you drink lots of water every day. Do not be surprised to use bathroom frequently as your body will flush the toxins and fat at a high speed.

7 Day Apple Diet Plan Menu

This is a pretty simple and straightforward diet you will ever try. It involves minimum to none amount of cooking and preparation. All you have to do is eat 3-4 pounds of apples a day and drink 10-12 cups of water. Apples are very low in calories and if you feel hungry you can eat more apples and drink more water.

If you start feeling bloated and constipated try juicing apples instead and see if that makes a difference. Often people who are used to eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) diet that has little healthy fiber have difficulty processing fiber at first and it takes time to adjust. But don’t dread - it will eventually happen.

Once your digestive system is all cleaned up of toxins you will feel much more energetic, younger and healthier.


If you want to boost your weight loss, try drinking few cups of strong green tea each day. Green tea is another fat burning food that is full of antioxidants and is a perfect addition to any detoxification diet plan.


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