All natural, low carb

by Nicole

It is not necessary to eat loads of grains (even whole grains). These foods raise your insulin and set you up for cancer and diabetes. People looking to eat healthy need to focus on organic, grass-fed meats, fish and dairy, and organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. I avoid commercially made cereal, bread, pasta, crackers, cookies and energy bars. These are usually loaded with sugar, refined grains, chemicals and too many carbohydrates. For breakfast, I have a large smoothie made with different types of fruit, some raw grass-fed milk and whey protein. Lunch is usually organic chicken with a salad and avocado. Snacks are either nuts, seeds, or homemade unsweetened yogurt. Dinner is sometimes fish or beef with vegetables or lentil and vegetable soup. Grains always make me gain weight. I will have homemade pasta or homemade bread occasionally -- but only for a treat.

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