A balance

by alice
(ann arbor, MI)

i think it's crucial to find a balance in diet.

no carb diet? doesn't work. cabbage soup diet? doesn't work.
i mean sure, you might lose weight but are you not going to eat carbs or eat cabbage soup for the rest of your life?

a healthy diet is all about balance. a piece of cake or a cookie once in a while won't kill you. say that you had a doughnut in your office meeting before dinner. then eat a light dinner of salad so you can "balance" your doughnut out.

also, never skip meals to "save calories". this is what i used to do before. like if i had a big dinner coming up, i wouldn't eat during lunch or eat very little because i had to "save" calories since i was going to consume a lot later. well when i skipped meals, i ended up eating way more because i was starving when i got there. now i know better and have regular meals throughout the day and even a light snack before i go.

everyone has a different diet that works for them, but i think finding balance is key!

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