Weight Loss Diary Ideas and Benefits

If you have not started your own weight loss diary yet (though I am sure you all know by now what a diet journal is) you have to read the following article and watch inspirational online journal video at the end!

Weight Loss Diary Tips

The weight loss journal allows you to daily monitor and analyse the results and achievements of your weight loss or a diet plan. This lets you add corrections into your program if you need to, helping you to avoid a number of mistakes in the future.

weight loss diary

The diet diary also prevents you from lying to yourself. A person can easily convince himself that he is ready and determined to lose that weight, and just as often forget about those given promises.

But if there is a weight loss diary entry saying for example “doughnuts make me gain weight – stay away from them”, you won’t think of any more excuses for yourself.

Weight Loss Journal Teaches Healthy Eating Habits

Keeping a food diary, i.e. writing down what food you consume per day significantly helps you to optimize and adjust your everyday menu. Many people don’t consider candy bar or a biscuit followed by a cup of coffee with sugar and skimmed milk as a snack (it also applies to testing meals while cooking them :)).

We must to remember that every little thing counts and every little thing has calories!

If you stay honest with yourself and write down absolutely everything in the weight loss journal you will be amazed at how many extra ‘hidden’ calories you eat every day.

Practicing this approach will give you a better understanding of how to plan your menu, what foods to avoid, limit, and/or start eating more.

Besides, having to write down every eaten sandwich or chocolate bar in the food diary is going to make you think twice before you do it. So this fact alone will help you to get in better control of your eating habits and start eating less.

Weight Loss Diary Disciplines You

If you plan and write down your menu for a day, a week or even a month ahead you will less likely break your schedule. You will know exactly what to eat at your next meal and will not have an excuse to let yourself ‘forget’  about keeping up with your weight loss schedule.

Weight Loss Diary is a great motivator

Weight loss journal can indeed be a very motivating tool. You can set a very realistic and defined goal for yourself such as “fit in my favorite dress for birthday” and attach a picture of the dress.

Daily reminder of your goal will greatly encourage you to fight that extra weight and stick to your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Diary Inspires you

Nothing inspires us as much as our own positive results. Writing down “before and after” info, or even better attaching a pictures that shows visual progress can stimulate you for a further weight loss.

“I managed to lose 5 pounds, I could go for another 10!" Mental weight loss motivation is as important as counting your calories! 

I hope that the benefits of a weight loss journal discussed above are convincing enough for you to try it too! If you are ready to change your life, start today!

All you have to do now is to choose your weight loss journal type: it can be a public online journal, or a good old notebook. Online diet journal however could make you find like-minded people, discuss your achievements, and exchange experience. On the other hand, paperback food diary is always within hands reach, and nothing would escape from being written down in it.

Whichever weight loss journal form you chose you will be very pleased with your results!

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