My Story of Healthy Rapid Fat Loss

by Blayne Calvin
(Boise ID USA)

My Story

As a kid I always struggled with excess weight to a certain degree. However I wasn't grossly obese. Luckily I was very physically active and athletic and this helped me control my weight through childhood and young adulthood.

I got involved in martial arts when I was 15. Which I enjoyed and
excelled at. I still train to this day in mixed martial arts. This helped in controlling my weight through the teens and twenties.

I also got interested in weight training where diet is very important. If anyone can control their weight through diet and training successfully body builders are the best at it. Still it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to train to that level which most people do not have the time, money, or commitment to do.

Diet and Exercise

Among the many programs and diets I have tried were programs like Burn the Fat, and Body for life etc. I did have some success with them. Burn the Fat requires a near complete lifestyle change and is difficult to sustain and takes a lot of mental toughness to sustain. It is geared more for the gym rats in my opinion. Where as Body for Life is something more the average person can adhere to. Both have sound nutritional and exercise advice in my opinion.

As I got older and had less time to train of course the metabolism begins to slow down in the 30's and I began to put on more weight then ever before. I would train for a time and lose most of the weight, but it got increasingly harder. Eventually all I could lose was about 30-35 pounds and nothing more. No amount of training and diet etc. would budge it. It seemed my body had decided against my will that was where I would stay, except I was still about 80 pounds over weight.

I tried many different things, however even with all my accumulated knowledge and experience in diet and nutrition nothing worked permanently and I would inevitably regain the weight I lost over time after all the hard work and time I put in.

The HCG Diet

Then I stumbled across Dr Simeon's HCG diet that he developed over 50 years ago. My brother came to visit us and my sister in law was on this diet. I had never heard of it before. So naturally I asked some questions. When she told me how it worked my first reaction was complete scepticism almost to the point of dismissal. Thinking I knew just about everything there was to know about dieting, nutrition, and training this seemed to go against much of the conventional wisdom.

She told me she had lost over 20 pounds in two and half weeks and was not hungry or weak on the diet. Ever the sceptic and confident in my knowledge yet seeing her results I looked into it. I always try to be open to new information and knowledge. Verifiable results are hard to argue with despite what one thinks they know.

Finding The Truth

I read the book Pounds and Inches on the HCG protocol by Dr. Simeon's, I then went online and started reading peoples real life experiences. Within a week I was convinced there was sound science behind this, that it worked as presented and I wanted to try it. I got some drops and I lost almost 4 pounds after the first day of actual dieting. I was ecstatic but still a bit sceptical. For the next two weeks I lost an average of almost two pounds a day then levelled off after that to one and half pounds a day. My energy levels were up and I thought; this can't last, it did! One of the great things about it was seeing the results right away. Weighing yourself everyday and seeing the fat melt off daily is very motivating.

The Results

I ended up losing 37 pounds in six weeks with no loss of energy no ravenous hunger and maintaining very hard mixed martial arts workouts a couple times a week with more moderate exercise the rest of the week. After seeing my results my wife decided to try it also. She lost 30 pounds her first round and the only exercise she did was walking. I have lost a total of 80 pounds using this method and have been able to keep it off. I was amazed.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of good methods out there for fat loss however this is the only rapid method I have seen that is healthy and works as claimed. The HCG hormone allows the body to metabolize the brown storage fat and burn it for energy. This is the fat in those hard to get places we all hate that never seems to want to come off.

Also according to Dr Simone's clinical study it resets the hypothalamus gland to the new weight so you do not gain the weight back. However it has to be done right. I learned this the hard way. On my second round I did not do what is called "stabilization" correctly and I gained about 20 pounds back slowly over time. Though on the first round I did not gain any back. It also helped to change my eating habits. Some of the less healthy foods I thought I loved and was looking forward to tasting again when I was done dieting just did not taste all that great anymore. I also found this to be one of the easiest and simple methods of dieting. There you have it that is my story in a nut shell.

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