About Me

About Me

Hi All! 

My name is Marina and I am a hostess of Healthy Dietpedia pages – free diet encyclopedia online. I hope you are finding everything that you are looking for and much more!

Healthy Diet Website Idea

I have carried the idea about diet and nutrition website for a long time. And finally back in 2008 I have decided to implement it. The reason was simple: I wanted to share my trivial knowledge of healthy eating and weight loss tips with others.

I wanted to create an honest and free website where people could learn about dieting and healthy nutrition.

My Passion

I was interested in dietology and nutrition for many years and have read tons of different books about it. I have tried many different diets on myself to see how they work.

I love learning new information about unusual dieting techniques that improve health and even fight diseases. And I am grateful for having this opportunity to be able to share my knowledge with others.

I am also interested in psychology and have researched the subject of what psychological factors affect our eating habits and nutritional disorders. I am excited to help those who struggle to lose weight and/or establish healthy eating habits as it is a key element of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition I am practicing power yoga for many years now and I am a strong believer that regular yoga practice improves our physical and mental health.

Moreover I have an interest in natural dieting supplements and remedies that have been around for centuries and helped people to prevent certain diseases, recover from them and improve health.

My Weight Loss Story

Honestly, I haven’t had serious weight issues until I got pregnant. Before that I had a few extra pounds but was not ever obsessed about losing weight.

It all started couple of months after I had my baby and realized that I am 100+ pounds overweight. :(
I have gained about 105 pounds during and right after my pregnancy. I know it was not healthy, and as much as I tried to be in control of my weight gain and follow healthy eating habits, I just HAD to eat ALLl the time. Food was the only cure for my everlasting nausea.

Luckily I was not eating much junk food and still followed healthy eating guidelines, such as eating lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean meat or fish. My only (and my biggest) mistake was that I was drastically overeating.

Few months into my new 'journey with a brand new baby' I realized that I feel horrible: always tired, sleepy and unsatisfied.

In addition, my joints hurt from carrying all that weight, my muscles were weak from low physical activity (it was too hard to exercise at that point), and most importantly I could not look at myself in the mirror. I felt that my body exists separately from me - it is too big and too heavy!

And This Is When I Decided To Change...

Of course, I did not lose all my excess weight overnight, nor did I try to lose it fast.

I knew it was not going to be easy, but I also new that I just had to do it and that my happiness and energy that I can share with my baby worth much more than any food in the world.

And This Is How I Did It

First of all I started exercising 20 minutes in the morning and 1 hour at night. I also walked with the stroller in the afternoon: about 4-5 miles. I did this every day of the week except for Sundays.

Secondly, I stopped eating sugar. Any kind of sugar! No sweetened yogurts, no soft drinks, no iced tea, no canned sauced, no hot dogs, no ice cream. Anything that had or could have had even the smallest trace of sugar was thrown out of my house.

Thirdly, I stopped eating after 3 pm. I had 5 meals before that time. My biggest meal was my breakfast and I only had a fruit and few crackers for dinner.

And last but not least, I drank good quality water. And lots of it! Not the tap water, but a really good quality spring water.

And this is it.

I started losing weight very slowly: about 1/2 pound a week. It was extremely difficult at the beginning. The empty stomach feeling (that was long forgotten) returned again accompanied by slight hunger nausea (it all went away in a week or so after I got use to not overeating).

And It Felt Great!

It felt great to know that my fat is melting away. It felt great to have more energy and feel lighter.

Of course, I had my ups and downs, and I have to admit that there were few 'bad' days, but I kept on moving forward.

After about 8 months into my weight loss program I have reached my ideal weight rate.

It took me another 4 months to establish normal and healthy eating habits to maintain my weight. And this is the most important parts, in my opinion!

Getting back to ‘normal’ eating routine without the yo-yo effect is the key to being healthy and looking great.

I currently maintain my 140 pounds and try not to exceed 145 pounds.

I have begun my diet weighting 245 pounds.

I have learned a lot about myself, my body and dieting during my year long weight loss journey. And now I am sharing my knowledge with you!

My Website Philosophy

I love writing article and researching nutrition and healthy diet and weight loss issues. Therefore, all the information I share on my site is based upon my personal experience and to the best of my knowledge.

There are two places however where YOU can contribute to healthy dietpedia. You can share your weight loss story or tips and submit your healthy diet recipe. I do edit all of the submitting prior to bringing them online, to make sure they are of value to our readers and visitors.

I do not promote or recommend any products or services that I do not believe in and do my best to provide you with objective reviews.

I accurately research and choose only the best informational resources for my external links.

I will never give away your personal information to the third party.

I wish you a good luck with your diet or weight loss and a good health for years to come!

Be sure to come back soon as I add new material every week!

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