Nutrilea's System

by Jessica Leung
(Hong Kong)

Well, it's first diet, or rather a meal plan, that is built with Asian lifestyle in mind. I have been trying number of different diets, magical plans, pills and treatment to lose kilograms but the minute I stopped using those diets I put on weight almost instantly. Then I came across Nutrilea meal plans and I gave it a try coz my close friend LiLi told that it had helped her, and I have to say that at the very beginning the weight-loss was rather slow but I was supplied with detailed list of meals, snacks and drinks every day. I've been using this diet for 3.5 months already and so far I have lost 13kg eating all Chinese and Cantonese dishes. They use simple points instead of calories and it's very easy to change a dish you don''t feel like eating to sth you really like. My friend LiLi loved it mostly because she had learnt how to cook healthy and yummy meals.
Great value for money and so far the only effective diet with 'normal' food!!!

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