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Cleansing Lemon Diet

Healthy FoodThis is a 14 days cleansing and weight loss lemon diet that will detox your body and help you lose up to 10 pounds.

Some might thing that lemon is not the best fruit choice for a weight loss diet. In spite of its culinary popularity it is hard to imagine eating a whole lemon all at once.

Luckily, you will not have to eat whole lemons following this lemon diet. Instead you will use the fat burning lemon properties to help you get rid of extra pounds.

The Secret of Lemon

Many professional dietitians and nutritionists claim that lemons contain all necessary elements that break up fats and therefore they facilitate weight loss.

In addition lemons contain citric acid, which also helps to burn fat, speed up metabolism and suppress appetite. Citric acid contributes to the intensive production of gastric acid, and, as a result, improves digestion.

Lemon peel contains pectin that helps regulating blood sugar levels.

There are tons of different vitamins found in lemons including vitamin C that strengthens the immune system, which is also an important factor in losing weight.
Overall lemon is an amazing fruits that can cleanse your body, purify blood and lymph, improve metabolism, help you lose weight and prevent some diseases.

Lemon Diet Plan

As I mentioned above the duration of lemon cleansing and weight loss diet is 14 days. You may continue with your regular eating habits (assuming that you already know how to eat healthy) during this period. Nevertheless, try to limit your consumption of salt, sugar, and do not overeat.

The plan is very simple: every morning before breakfast drink the following amount of lemon juice mixed with water.

Tip: Flush your mouth with fresh water right after to prevent your teeth from being destroyed by citric acid.

Note: If you find it difficult to drink all that lemon juice at once, drink as much as you can and leave the rest for later. Just make sure you drink it at least 1 hour before your meals.

This diet is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems. If you are not sure: consult with your doctor first.

Lemon diet is especially effective in fall or spring time when our bodies need extra vitamins and detoxification. If you combine lemon diet with low calorie diet you will get even better results!


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