Sexy And Tone Thighs Diet

This tone thighs diet is especially helpful for those who want to get their thighs in shape and make them look fit and beautiful.

Women’s hips and thighs is the most beloved place for fat buildup.

And it is the last place to get rid of excessive fat tissue.

To speed up fat burning process try replacing fatty foods with lean meats, skinless chicken breast and fish.


tone tights

Also exclude fried food and soft cheeses, eat only low fat cheese.

Follow this easy diet for 1 - 2 weeks and you will get amazing results.

Tone Thighs Diet Menu

Breakfast (choose one):

Lunch (choose one):

Dinner (choose one):

Inner Tone Thighs Exercise

Stand straight, legs a little wider than shoulder length apart, toes are turn out to the sides, bend your knees and slightly lower yourself down. Keep your spine straight, and your shoulders opened up.

Open your knees as wide as you can, extend your arms to the sides, inhale, exhale and lower yourself down, trying to get your knees into 90 degree angle position. Inhale and lift yourself up to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Also watch this great video that will help you make your legs look strong and sexy.

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