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Thin Waist Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of this diet is to help you make your waist thinner, sexier and more defined.

First of all exclude sugar, chocolate and cakes from your daily food intake.

In addition start drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits.

Thin Waist Diet Menu

Breakfast (choose one):

Lunch (choose one):

Dinner (choose one):

Thin Waist Diet Complementary Exercise

The best exercise for thin waist is dancing: especially twist dance or belly dance.

I also recommend the following exercise:

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Lock your hands behind your head with elbows pointing to the opposite sides. Slowly lower your body forward, keeping your back straight.

Move your shoulders to vertical position trying to touch your left knee with your right elbow. Come back to initial position and do the same for the other side.

Repeat exercise 10 times for each side.

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Grapefruit Diet Plan

grapefruit diet menuThere are many different types of a grapefruit diet menu plans. The original grapefruit diet was developed by American professor Kelly Brownell who specializes in obesity.

Grapefruit diet is also often referred to as Hollywood diet which is probably one of the main reasons of why it is so popular.

Fresh Strawberries Diet

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Strawberries are well known for their high nutritional value and remedial property.

They also are the richest fruit source of...

Flat Stomach Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of the flat stomach diet is to make your stomach look flat and beautiful and keep your abs strong and elastic.

Ideally your stomach should look the same when you stand or lie on your back.

Top Model Tyra Banks Diet

Business breakfastTop model such as Tyra Banks diet is a very effective but also very strict diet that will make you lose weight fast.

In the fashion world models are required to be particularly conscious with their figure and body shape.

Refreshing 3 Day Diet

Business breakfastThis refreshing diet is great for spring or summer time when you have an access to a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. It is best to follow it twice a week for a month or even longer.

You may loose up to 10 pounds...

Sexy Hips Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of this sexy hips diet is to make your hips look fit and beautiful.

To achieve that follow these simple rules and soon you will have great looking hips and legs.

The diet contains all necessary nutrients so you may stay on it for quite some time.

Joan Lunden Fresh Fruit Diet

Business breakfastPopular TV host and journalist Joan Lunden who is now 59 years old was not a big fan of fresh fruits. But she has learned to eat them.

When she became a mother she realized the importance of healthy eating and suggests that fresh fruits are ideal healthy snack for kids.

Natural Breast Lift Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of this diet is to help you achive health and fitness and make your breasts look firm and plum naturally. When people lose tons of weight, they generally appear to be healthier, fitter, slimmer and more confident.

But often the drawback of that is getting loose or hanging skin.

Tone Thighs Diet

Business breakfastThe sexy legs diet is especially helpful for those who want to get their legs in shape and make them look fit and beautiful.

Women’s legs and thighs is the most beloved place for fat buildup.

And it is the last place to get rid of excessive fat tissue.

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