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Sexy Hips Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of this sexy hips diet is to make your hips look fit and beautiful.

To achieve that follow these simple rules and soon you will have great looking hips and legs.

The diet contains all necessary nutrients so you may stay on it for quite some time. I would recommend doing it for up to a week once every month until you achieve the desired results.

Hips Diet Rules

First of all eliminate from your daily menu alcohol, sugar, coffee and fast food. Start eating more fresh fruits instead.

I recommend watermelon: it is 92% water, and as a result it will draw excess liquid from your body flushing the accumulated toxins from your body cells.

Every day for a week eat half of the medium size watermelon or one medium melon.

Warning: this diet is not recommended for people with sugar diabetes and kidney problems. If you are in doubt, consult with your doctor before going on a diet.

In addition to watermelon adopt the following daily menu:

Tone Hips Exercises

Lie down on your back; stretch your hand along your body with palms down. Raise your left leg up, bend your knee and slowly move it to the right side, trying to reach the floor with your knee.

Make sure your shoulders stay grounded to the floor. Return to initial position, slowly straighten your knee. Do the same for your right leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times on each side.

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Ballerina Diet

Business breakfastBallerina diet consists of set of rules that many well known ballerinas follow to stay fit and slim.

If you follow the ballerina diet rules and build your daily ration using healthy food pyramid you will gradually stabilize your metabolism and...

Sexy And Beautiful Legs Diet

Business breakfastThe sexy legs diet is especially helpful for those who want to get their legs in shape and make them look fit and beautiful.

Women’s legs and thighs is the most beloved place for fat buildup.

And it is the last place to get rid of excessive fat tissue.

After Holiday Diet

Business breakfastThe duration of the health and fitness diet is one week and many people who tried this diet claim to loose 5-10 pounds.

It is a good idea to add some toning exercises to the fitness diet. It will keep your mind off food and provide you with even greater results.

Flat Stomach Diet

Business breakfastThe purpose of the flat stomach diet is to make your stomach look flat and beautiful and keep your abs strong and elastic.

Ideally your stomach should look the same when you stand or lie on your back.

Diet For Beautiful Hips

Business breakfastIf you want to loose weight and get your hips and thighs in great health and fitness then this hips diet is for you.

Especially created for women with large hips this diet will also be perfect for men who want to get rid of excess belly fat accumulated over the years.

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