Natural Breast Lift Diet and Exercise

Get In Good Shape Without Breast Surgery

The purpose of this natural breast lift diet is to make your breasts look firm and plum naturally.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

When people lose tons of weight, they generally appear to be healthier, fitter, slimmer and more confident. But often the drawback of that is getting lose or hanging skin.

natural breast ift diet

Usually breast hurt the most. They contain no muscle tissue and after massive weight loss become sagging and deflated so that women are forced to hide them into push up bras.

Of course, there are different innovative procedures offered to correct severely drooping breasts. However, those procedures can be very costly and even involve health risks.

Luckily there is a natural way to protect your breasts from this unfortunate destiny and to prevent them from ever losing their form.

Natural Breast Lift Diet Tips

First of all if you decide to lose weight do it slowly. Do not exceed 1-2 pounds per week. That way you will be losing fat from all the right places and your skin will have time to ‘shrink’.

Therefore the breast lift diet menu proposed below is based on 1500 calories, which is the optimal daily calorie count for most women who want to lose weight.

Natural Breast Lift Diet Menu

Breakfast (300 calories): ½ cup of granola cereal with milk, 1 whole wheat

toast, 1 soft-boiled egg.

Lunch (400 calories): chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, tomato and

mayonnaise, 1 cup of fruit salad.

Snacks (150 calories): 1 cereal bar, 1 yogurt, 1 orange.

Dinner (450 calories): 8 oz of beef or fish steak, steamed vegetables, 1 baked

potato, 1 large vegetable salad.

Breast Lift Diet Complementary Exercise

The best way to keep your breasts in shape is frequent swimming. But if you do not have that opportunity, there is one great and simple exercise you can perform at home.

Stand straight, with you shoulders opened and spine erect. Fold your hand in front of the chest (or a little higher), keeping them about five inches away from your body. Inhale, exhale and press your hands one into another as hard as you can, inhale and release.

Do at least 50 repeats every day. It will make your chest muscles stronger lifting your breasts up and making them look firmer.

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