Metabolism Diet

This weight loss diet plan is called metabolism diet because by following this diet you will improve your metabolism and ability to lose weight.

The main principle of metabolism diet is that you limit your daily food consumption to 10 products that you select in advance.

In addition, you have to eat al least 5 small meals per day.

If you manage to follow this simple rule you will lose up to 6 pounds in one week depending on your body weight and previous eating habits.

Furthermore, it is necessary to  consume each of these ten products every day during this week. You are allowed to mix and match the foods as you wish as long as your total daily intake does not not exceed 3 pounds.
Additionally you may enhance the flavor of your meals with different spices such as onion, garlic, parsley, dill, lemon juice, honey, and pepper. You may also add two table spoon of extra virgin olive oil in your meals every day.

Last but not least, remember to drink plenty of water: at least 8 cups a day.

You may also try drinking one or two cups of green tea a day. It will also help you boost your metabolism, flush toxins out of the body and reduce cholesterol levels.

Metabolism Diet Menu

Here is a list of sample products you might like while staying on metabolism diet

1. small chicken breast

2. eggs

3. plain yogurt

4. tomatoes

5. cucumbers

6. summer squash or celery

7. broccoli or spinach

8. romaine lettuce

9. oatmeal or whole grain bread

10. apples or oranges

If you select your products using healthy food pyramid rules you may stay on metabolism boosting diet for as long as you want.

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