Madonna Diet

Madonna diet was especially created for most famous celebrity and singer by her personal top trainer and nutritionist Ray Kybartas.  

By the way, Madonna’s biggest weakness is sweets. So it is allowed in this diet from time to time.

The reason for such unusual dietary approach finds its explanation in psychology.  There is no doubt that constant abstention from your favorite meals or foods is impossible, and even dangerous – it will negatively affect your mental state, making you more vulnerable to stress and depression.

You will be able to lose one to two pounds in a week following this simple Madonna's diet rules.

By the way, even if a pound or two does not seem like a lot it is the most preferable amount of weight to loose in a week if you want keep it off after getting off the diet. 

Madonna's Diet Complementary Exercise

caprese saladRay also suggests training for one hour a day, every day. The ideal is to do 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, like walking — soft sand, hills, treadmill, road — or swimming or cycling, and 15 minutes of anaerobic workouts, like resistance training, lifting weights and abdominals.

If you can't get to the gym or you don't have the equipment for weights, do whatever form of exercise you want to do for that hour.

You'll be surprised that even walking your dog for an hour every day will make you considerably leaner after six weeks.

The fundamental rules of Madonna diet:

Tip: to maintain the necessary fat/protein/carbs relationship remember this: the amount of proteins must be size your fist, carbohydrates - twice as much. Use salad dressing and frying oils in moderation.

Madonna Diet Sample Menu

Breakfast - Toast with two egg whites, one egg, apple, orange or peach.

Lunch - Chicken or turkey breast sandwich on whole wheat bread with mayonnaise.

Dinner - One serving of protein (fish, chicken breast, or lean beef), lots of vegetables, small serving of whole grain pasta and half small baked potato.


Even if we're not all die-hard fans of Madonna's music or lifestyle, following her simple diet rules will make you look and feel as great as she does.  

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