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Flat Stomach Exercise

My easy flat stomach exercise plan will help you lose belly fat fast!

Do you want to have a flat stomach?

I believe that 99 percent of my readers will answer YES.

Therefore I decided to share MY flat stomach exercise tips that helped me and a lot of other people I know to tone up their belly and make it flat.

My flat belly exercise routine is simple and consists of 5 easy exercises. They are also great cleansing exercises that will detox your digestive system and speed up your metabolism.

But before you scroll down to view them let us figure out why do we get that bloated stomach and a belly fat.

Flat Stomach Secret

Do you know what the number one most popular stomach exercise is? It is abdominal crunches.

Chances are that you too have spent lots of time at the gym doing them. And while it is true that they are very effective for building a 6 pack, they have little impact on our belly fat.


It is pretty simple. Crunches are great for strengthening upper abdominal muscles, and if you are at the beginning of a weight loss program you should definitely look into spending at least 15 minutes a day doing them.

But if you have lost many pounds and the only thing that’s left is the fat around your belly (and most of the time it is) then you should know by now that ab crunches are not the best flat belly exercise.

This is because our abdominal muscles consist of different regions. In a nutshell those are the six packs, lower abdomen and external abdominal oblique.

Most of the belly fat accumulates around our lower abdomen (especially in women, due to our hormones) and also on the sides (so called love handles).

So in order to get a flat stomach we have to focus on working with lower abdominal muscles and our sides.

The following stomach exercises are aimed at working with ALL core muscles including your 6 packs, your lower abdominals and your sides.

Flat Stomach Exercise #1

This exercise is called Kapalbhati and is a classic Hatha yoga breathing technique. Practicing it every day for just a couple of minutes will strengthen your core muscles and tighten the skin around your belly.

It is especially helpful for those who have lost a lot of weight and need to get their muscles toned.

This exercise is also a must do for women who are trying to get in shape after pregnancy as their lower abdominal muscles stretch during pregnancy and become weak.

I recommend doing this exercise for 2 minutes with one minute break. You may also do this exercise in standing position.

Tip: try not to eat anything for at least 2 hours prior to this exercise.

Flat Stomach Exercise # 2

This is a classic flat stomach exercise. It is aimed at strengthening you lower abdomen muscles as those need extra attention if you want to have your stomach in shape. It is called leg lifts. You probably already know this exercise – and I have included it into my routine because it is extremely effective.

Ideally the leg lifts should be done in the morning before breakfast as it is a time of the day when our bodies burn fat, including belly fat.

If you get bored with regular leg lifts watch the following video that has a creative twist on this exercise that will get your stomach flat even faster.


Flat Stomach Exercise # 3

This exercise is called Agni Sara Kriya. In my opinion it is THE most effective flat stomach exercise. For best results do it as often as you can.

(My yogi teacher advised me to repeat it 1000 times a day to get my belly back in shape after I had my baby.)

Few months after pregnancy my lower abdominals were so weak that I could not flex them or suck my belly in to at least make it look flatter. I thought I will never be able to get my belly into pre-pregnancy shape. I did million of ab crunches, but they did not seem to be very helpful.

But Agni Sara Kriya exercise worked its magic in a few weeks! And after couple of months my lower (and upper) abdominals felt stronger than ever! I did not think that my belly CAN possible be this strong.

The video that I have picked to show you how to perform this exercise might appear as being a little strange, however, it is the most accurate in my opinion.

Tip: You can do this exercise in a standing position or even when you walk around. I do it whenever I have a chance: while cooking dinner, watching TV, etc.


Flat Stomach Exercise # 4

This exercise is called Trikonasana, or triangle pose. It is one of my favorite exercises – it stretches and strengthens almost every muscle and has so many other health benefits.

It is aimed at strengthening your sides and getting rid of love handles. It will also define your waistline making you look sexy.

Tip: Try flexing your stomach for best results while performing this exercise.

Flat Stomach Exercise # 5

It is a set of 3 easy stomach exercises that will stretch your muscles after the main work out and make them more flexible.

Stretching is the key element for having a flat stomach. Why? Because stretching helps to correctly position muscle fibers and it is a great strength builder. It increases the energy in the body, promotes weight loss and makes your muscles elastic.

I hope you enjoyed my flat stomach exercises and found them useful for getting YOUR stomach in shape!

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