30 Day Yoga Challenge

Namaste Friend!

I hope you are having a beautiful spring.

This is a perfect time to start planting seeds of intention for what you want to CREATE in your life.

Just like how your home needs to be "Spring Cleaned" so does your Body, Mind and Spirit.

I am excited to share a wonderful program with you, created by a dear friend of mine,
Dashama Konah, who is an internationally known yoga teacher, holistic health and life coach.

You may have heard of Dashama's 30 Day Yoga Challenge already.

Since 2008, thousands of people have taken the challenge and gotten amazing results, and the best part about it?

It is FREE.

The intention of Dashama's challenge is to get people to do yoga every day.
You start with bite sized morsals: 5-10 minute yoga videos emailed to you each day for the full 30 days.

You will receive instructional videos of all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as meditation,
healthy diet/raw food recipes, and other holistic practices to bring your life into balance and then to help catalyze a shift
in your lifestyle in a positive and disciplined direction.

Everyone will benefit from taking this challenge, whether you are already a seasoned yoga enthusiast or are new to the practice,
you will get so much out of this just from making the commitment to join together with thousands of people just like you
for this full month program.

Want to learn more?
Ready to get started?

Click this link for more information and to register:

Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge

PS. Be sure to check out all of the inspirational success stories on the website from people all around the world who have experienced such tremendous benefits and life transformations following this program.


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