Diet Plan For Beautiful Hips

If you want to lose weight and get your hips and thighs in great shape then this fitness diet is for you.

Especially created for women with large buttock this diet will also be perfect for men who want to get rid of excess belly fat accumulated over the years.

How To Make Your Hips Look Great

The main point of this diet is substituting fatty food for fresh, natural, unprocessed products that nourish your body, and gradually bringing it back to healthy and fit state.

Hips Enemy Number One Is...


On average we consume about 4 ounces of fat per day, but need only half to one ounce!

All excess fat is usually hiding in cakes, pastries, fast food, and snacks.

The fat that our body can’t process accumulates as a reserve.For women ‘the reserve’ is located on their lower body, for men – on their upper body.

If you limit the amount of consumed fat and substitute lost calories with healthy choices you will undoubtedly lose weight and start feeling great.

If you are ready to take care of your body and get your problem zones in shape proceed with the diet below.

Hips Diet Main Rules

Substitute sugar with stevia or truvia.

Do not add any sugar or sweetener to your coffee or tea.

Limit the amount of coffee and tea. (Drink only very light or herbal tea).

Drink at least 8 to 10 cups of water per day.

The duration of the diet is two weeks. It is pretty easy to stay on to the end, because of the variety of food offered.

Men should add 2 bread slices and 1 baked potato to the daily menu provided below.

The caloric value of the diet is 1100 for women and 1400 for men.

Hips Diet Menu


Breakfast: one cup of plain yogurt, one apple, one whole wheat toast with sliced


Lunch: 7 oz of skinless chicken, large portion of tossed salad with olive oil and

lemon juice, one small whole grain roll.

Snack: one whole wheat toast with two tablespoons of boiled beans and


Dinner: one glass of red wine, one large serving of steamed cauliflower with one

tablespoon of grated cheese, one cup of baked beans with tomatoes, one baked

apple with stuffed with blueberries and honey.


Breakfast: two slices of lean ham, two whole wheat toasts, one tablespoon of


Lunch: sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, couple of grapes.

Snack: one plate of vegetable or bean soup, one small whole grain roll, one


Dinner: one glass or red wine, 6 oz of any white fish, baked in foil with onion and

red bell pepper, sprinkled with lemon juice, one baked potato, one cup of

steamed green vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, spinach or zucchini).


Breakfast: one hard-boiled egg, two whole wheat toasts.

Lunch: one cup of fresh melon, two table spoons of boiled beans, large vegetable

salad, one slice of whole wheat bread.

Snack: one large banana, one cup of low fat yogurt.

Dinner: 8 oz chicken breast with stewed vegetables, one cup of wild rice, one

glass of red or white wine.


Breakfast: two whole wheat toasts, two tablespoons of cream cheese, one


Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato, one orange.

Snack: one large tossed vegetable salad with tuna.

Dinner: 3 oz of grilled beef or lamb steak, steamed vegetables, ½ cup of mashed

potatoes, one apple.


Breakfast: one cup of whole grain cereal with milk, one small banana.

Lunch: 4 oz of grilled shrimp, one large tossed salad with lemon juice and olive

oil, one pear.

Snack: one whole wheat toast with cheese and sliced tomatoes.

Dinner: 6 oz of grilled fish, two table spoons of boiled bean, baked tomatoes, one

table spoon of green peas, watercress, several grapes.


Breakfast: one large piece of melon, one cup of plain yogurt.

Lunch: 6 oz beef steak, one baked potato, large vegetable salad, one orange or


Snack: one plate of vegetable soup, two tomatoes, few crackers.

Dinner: 4 oz of pasta with 4 oz of chicken breast and tomato sauce, one small

apple, one glass of wine.


Breakfast: one cup of fruit salad with one cup of low fat yogurt.

Lunch: ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, couple of kiwis.

Snack: pasta with vegetables and olive oil.

Dinner: 4 oz of chicken with wild rice and vegetables.

Diet for Hips

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