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Healthy Eating Guide

And Correct Food Combinations

Do you want to lose weight once and forever?

If so, then the following healthy eating guide will provide you with basic understanding of healthy balanced nutrition and help you distinguish between good and bad eating habits.

Sometimes in order to lose weight all you need to do is rearrange your daily menu and create healthy food combinations for your diet meals.

Balance among foods is the basis of any proper healthy weight loss diet. Along with including a wide range of whole unprocessed foods into your daily diet, it is also wise to emphasize on vegetables and fresh fruits. They are delicious, easy to prepare and full of essential nutrients.

But it is also wise to know what to serve together with those fruits and veggies to create a perfect synergy.

It is useless to choose nourishing foods if they are not combined correctly. The wrong combination of foods alters the digestive process, weighting us down and thus ‘poisoning’ our bodies, while the proper food combination prevents these problems. Here are some things to avoid.

Healthy Eating Guide Highlights

  • Eat regular meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, few snacks in between)

  • Avoid eating large meals in between

  • Eat slowly

  • Do not overdo alcoholic beverages

  • Eat in moderation

  • Do not into the temptations from your taste buds, and if you do,
    do not overindulge

  • Drink lots of good quality water throughout the day

  • Add fiber to your diet

  • Do not skip meals

Food Combinations To Avoid

Starchy Foods With Proteins

Digestion of starches that have been cooked (e.g., pasta, rice, bread) starts in the mouth with certain saliva enzyme - ptyalin, which in order to accomplish this, is produced in great quantities.

Production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is inhibited to permit the ptyalin to continue the digestive process. If meat is added, digestion of starches is suspended, since they absorb the gastric juices needed to digest the meat.

Proteins From Different Types Of Sources

It is important to avoid combining milk and meat. In fact, in the stomach milk forms clots which surround the meat, keeping the gastric juices from carrying on the digestive process, which can resume only after the milk has curdled.

Simple Sugars With Proteins And Starches

Simple sugars (candy, fruit, jam, white sugar) if eaten between meals can easily be digested, but if eaten following a big meal consisting mainly of starches and meat, they can begin fermenting.

Fats And Proteins

Fats do not help gastric secretion; therefore it is not appropriate to combine cheese with meat, or butter with cream because the digestion will be retarded.

Correct Food Combinations

There are foods which can be combined without fear of indigestion. Those are:

Having already undergone preliminary digestion as a result of rising, bread – unlike pasta – can be combined with cheese, meat, and protein rich foods in general.

Try to plan your healthy diet following the above healthy eating guide. Always strive for the proper balance between what you eat and what you burn up, without imposing harsh restrictions on yourself.

Instead aim to find the best possible healthy diet plan for yourself!

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healthy diet planYou weight loss experience may help others to get into great shape and enjoy healthy well-being.

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